Thursday, July 26, 2007

More American Ingenuity - Soldiers, of course 

In previous posts I've discussed the ability of Americans to look at a problem, define it and find a solution. We take this trait for granted and possibly, unconsciously, assume that all other cultures can do this. This capability is not cross-human. This excerpt from Michael Yon's latest post clarifies a lot. The quotes below come from the last four paragraphs in the long post.

"I have wondered now for two years why is it that American military leaders somehow seem to naturally know what it takes to run a city, while many of the local leaders seem clueless......Our military is, in a sense its own little country, with city-states spread out all around the world. Each base is like a little city-state....

We live far better on base here in Baqubah than many people who are living downtown (though there are some very nice homes), and it�s not all about money. Not at all and not in the least. When Americans move into Iraqi buildings, the buildings start improving from the first day. And then, the buildings near the buildings start to improve. ....

"The Greatest Generation called it �the can-do mentality.� It�s a wealth measured not only in dollars, but also in knowledge. The burning curiosity that launched the Hubble, flows from that mentality, and so does the revenue stream of taxpayer dollars that funded it. Iraq is very rich in resources, but philosophically it is impoverished. The truest separation between cultures is in the collective dreams of their people."