Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Iraq, the Real Story 

Vets for Freedom, a non-partisan organization of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, will launch its MN chapter on Thursday, August 2. The MN chair, David Thule, a recently returned Iraq veteran from Owatonna, MN will serve as MN's chairman.

Thule had this to say, "Veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan can provide a view point that no pundit, paid MoveOn.org protester or poll company can compete with (honestly). We (vets) know the joy on children's faces when we drive by, the exhilaration of a successful project completed, and the exhaustion of keeping watch in our humvees through early morning."

Vets for Freedom produced a "Thank You" ad with several Iraq veterans. This ad will run in the Mpls-St. Paul, Duluth and Rochester markets.

Vets for Freedom founder, Iraqi vet Pete Hegseth, said, "...we want to set the record straight and ensure that General Petraeus has the resources, time and support he needs to complete the mission." The ad can be viewed at Vets for Freedom at 6:00 PM beginning Wed., August 1.