Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bears and Fishing 

A previous post talked about the fish that almost got away. In this series of photos, you will see the one the bear got.

Background - we usually fished on the side of the river where the black bear appeared. We saw it and crossed the stream. You can see our blue backpacks on the right side of the photos. The distance between us and the bear was 10-12 yards. Click on photo to enlarge.

The bear came over the hill:

The bear spots our fish in the water strung on an 8' log.

With one motion, the bear pulls the 8' log onto the hill, helps him/herself to one of the salmon and marches back over the hill. These salmon weighed 8-9 pounds. We kept them alive, in the water until ready to clean. During the entire time, the bear had rocks thrown at it and everyone, including Diana (whose fish the bear took), was yelling and screaming at the bear. "Hey, I'm hungry; here's a fish; tough luck!"