Sunday, July 01, 2007

Al-Qaeda, Murderous Thugs 

Normally, I don't post on the Iraq situation unless I have something related to our soldiers. However, the latest report by Michael Yon, an independent journalist documenting the incredible work of our guys and atrocities of our enemy must get as wide a distribution as possible.

It is unfortunate that our mainstream media (MSM) and too many politicians choose to ignore the barbaric, inhuman behavior of our enemy. Al-Qaeda's cruelty is not limited to Iraq. It is carried out in Afghanistan, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. They do not want to negotiate, they want the entire planet to submit to their view of the world. They will stop at nothing to attain this goal, nothing.

For us to continue to play ostrich with an enemy this fiercely barbaric is at our own peril. Please read Michael's report but be warned - graphic photos.