Monday, June 11, 2007

The Vastness of Alaska 

Briefly mentioned last week is the trip my husband and I are currently taking - to Alaska (AK), the 49th state in the USA and our 50th. Yes, we have managed to get to all other 49 states. We have discovered a truly unique nation terms of people, ideas, experience, interests, and dedication. We are a very fortunate people.

This trip was conceived last winter while playing bridge with friends who are avid salmon fishermen. They invited us non-fishermen to join them. Of course nothing remains as basic as originally intended. Our one-week fishing trip morphed into a three-week adventure. Today, as I try to catch up on blogging, we're in Glacier Bay National Park, at the lodge, watching a misty rain fall in the bay and forest. It's beautiful but I get ahead of myself.

We flew from the Twin Cities to Anchorage, then took another flight north to Fairbanks. When arriving in AK from the east, one flies over multiple mountain ranges - all spectacular from their snow-covered peaks to the marshy bogs at the base. Everything below the mountains' snow range is green, green, green.

AK may be our largest state in terms of land area but it is by far the smallest in inhabitant per mile. Its vastness can be described only with superlative terms: huge, massive, majestic, expansive, lush, magnificent, etc.

More later. Unfortunately, Blogger is having problems and lost my cross references. Perhaps the next location will prove more user friendly.