Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thanks from Iraq 

As posted a few months ago, I ship goodies, etc. to our soldiers serving in Iraq. I've been doing this about four years. My latest group, an FOB - Forward Operating Base - unit sent a couple of photos. Though this photograph looks like an ordinary office building, it can be misleading. The FOB units usually are in a remote geographic site or now, under General Petreaus, scattered throughout a given area in one of the major cities. I ship to the remote ones because they don't get mail every day and do not have access to PXs. I wanted to share one of these photos with you.

Here as with most shipments, the "stuff" is put in a central place and guys pick what they need or want. Nothing goes to waste, nothing. Buried in this particular shipment were four large bags of M & Ms - a premier treat. It's the only chocolate that does not melt. I lucked out after Easter when Byerly's put the large bags on sale - I bought 40 of them! Should hold me until Christmas.

If you are interested in adopting a soldier or unit, you can go to Soldiers Angels or Operation Gratitude. They will link you with a group or individual.

As a recently retired Lt. Col. said in a presentation today, "You cannot be liberal and humanitarian and pull from Iraq." So, we pitch in and take care of our guys.