Monday, June 04, 2007

More American Ingenuity 

As covered in the post Friday, American ingenuity is something we just take for granted. Why do we want to constantly change and improve things? I'm not sure but here's some food for thought: Perhaps because everyone, and I mean everyone, who came to America, left their country of origin because of famine or other physical catastrophe or because they didn't fit socially, politically, religiously, etc.

It was the strong ones - mentally, emotionally and physically - who survived. America provided an environment where opportunity and real freedom of thought abound. People were no longer constrained by restrictive rules of clan, tribe, religion, monarchy, or bullish leaders. Their individual hard work let many achieve what could not be achieved elsewhere. Did this attitude of self-reliance morph into a subtle but powerful attitude that released creative ideas that resulted in a constant improvement mentality? I don't know but I do know that we are an incredibly creative group of people.

This latest improvement item is a small but important one for those who take pills on a daily basis. We are all aware of the 7-day pill boxes. Now, there's an even better box that includes a horizontal bar that a user must push to the right to open the respective daily holder of pills.

EZY Dose
has designed this 7-day locking pill reminder to be child deterrent and prevent accidental spillage.

Again, American ingenuity at play.