Thursday, June 28, 2007

Let's make it 500 

Bad press is better than no press, says Evan Coyne Maloney, director of Indoctrinate U.
Most of the [New York Times review] was spent addressing cases that weren�t in the film, rather than addressing what was in the film. The author also claims that �professors, administrators and students say the national picture is far more complicated than that pictured in �Indoctrinate U,�� although I don�t know how they could know that, because none of those people actually saw the film.
Off the IU website you will see that Minneapolis is currently second on the list of people who have signed up to see the movie, with 248 people. That doesn't include, I'd guess, folks like me up in St. Cloud. But, I want to have Minneapolis be number one. So, if you are a Minneapolis-based reader and you want to see this movie -- and after listening to this Final Word interview with him, you will -- click and sign up. Then we can watch it and give it a real review.

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