Saturday, June 30, 2007

Immigration Bill Thoughts, #1 - Complexity 

After listening to Norm Coleman on the Final Word, (AM 1280 today (3-5), it appears he finally understands what Americans want regarding immigration. He acknowledged that Congress, in particular the US Senate, has lost the trust of the American people and one way to regain it, is to pass something that enforces border security.

One word used by Congress when dealing with large problems, is "complex." Most problems are not complex, they may be very large as the immigration issue is, but it is not complex. We have 12,000,000-20,000,000 illegals in the USA and borders that leak like sieves. What to do?

1 - Close the borders
2 - Enforce the laws on the books
3 - Find the illegals and identify them and make them carry identification cards
4 - Determine what to do about the situation.

As stated, this is not complex, merely large. If we can track a pound of hamburger back to the cow it came from and when, we can track humans. By refusing to use the term "complexity" as an excuse to perform a simple (but large) task, maybe we can get around to solving the problem.