Monday, May 21, 2007

ROTC Graduates 

This past weekend, I attended college graduation #3 at Marquette University in Milwaukee. General observations about college graduations will be reviewed later but I wanted to post the following key point - Marquette ROTC candidates are appreciated and well respected!

Marquette University divides its graduation ceremonies into two sections: an AM component that individually recognizes those doctoral candidates in philosophy and a graduation announcement for all others by college group; a PM component that individually recognizes those graduating from the law and dental schools as well as masters' and undergraduate candidates in all other colleges.

We attended the graduation ceremonies for graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences. There was the usual cheering and clapping for each candidate. However, when an ROTC candidate was announced, regardless of branch of service, the auditorium erupted in voluminous applause! These young men and women are held in very high esteem by their fellow students and all who attended these ceremonies. We checked with other college graduation attendees - the same outpouring of appreciation and gratitude was across the campus.

We are so blessed to have such talented young men and women stepping up to the plate to do what needs to be done to protect all of us. Knowing that fellow students and relatives in the audience recognize this is even better.