Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rachel Paulose, the Strib, more Hypocrisy 

There's been much ado about Rachel Paulose, the recently appoint US Attorney for the State of Minnesota. The Strib did their best to attack and defame her. Now, however, the Strib's only conservative columnist, Kathy Kersten, sets the record straight.

In Ms. Kersten's column today, she describes the REAL Rachel Paulose. Respected individuals from both political parties comment that Rachel is enormously qualified to perform the job as US Attorney, in spite of her: youth, minority status, and horrors, she's a Christian.

As one reads Ms. Kersten's column, the vast majority of individuals will realize that Ms. Paulose's appointment is warranted and that we are extremely lucky to have a person of her caliber in her position.

It is unfortunate that the media and the Democrat Party will only support minorities and strong women if they are Democrats. This same pattern occurred in the 2006 election - the Republican Congressional candidate for St. Paul's district was Obi Sium, a minority - he got minimal coverage. However, Keith Ellison, the minority Democrat candidate for the Minneapolis Congressional District got all kinds of favorable coverage.