Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day and Google 

Google, search engine extraordinaire, brain trust magnifique, search engine for the world refused to adapt its logo for the American Memorial Day, May 28. After receiving multiple customer complaints about not doing anything for Memorial Day, Google responded that it took too much programming to do such a thing for one day. They also mentioned that they make only small adornments to their logo for other holidays.

Thanks to Little Green Footballs one can see that Google actually did a Memorial Day Google equivelent logo for Australia, Canada and England for years. Frankly, it's just adding a flag or a poppy. Why do they design a Google logo for other countries but not for their own?

Remember, this is the same Google that refused to work with the US government to identify high traffic terrorist websites (not individual users) but as soon as the Chinese government told Google it wanted Google to track individual users in China, Google capitulated to the Chinese government. Why do American companies exercise their "freedom of speech" and anti-government practices in the USA but let repressive governments tell them what to do?