Monday, May 28, 2007

Fort Snelling Memorial Day Service 

As stated in an earlier post, we attended the Memorial Day Service at Fort Snelling in MN. The crowd was larger than last year and the day, again, memorable.

Three people spoke: Senator Amy Klobuchar, Governor Tim Pawlenty, and Rear Admiral John Crowley, Jr. The admiral spoke of his Coast Guard service and what it means to be a shipmate. His talk was informative and showed the pride he has in the Coast Guard and related military maritime service people.

Senator Klobuchar
thanked the vets and noted the reason for the day then proceeded to talk about herself, her political views, and getting the soldiers home. It was obvious someone wrote her speech, which by itself is fine. However, she either is a poor speaker or believed very little of what she said, minus getting our guys home. I have heard her speak before - much better than today. Her key point was that she supported the troops but not the mission. That's like saying I support Amy but not her office as a US Senator nor her role in government. The left does not understand what we are fighting and why, what we have to lose.

On the other hand, Governor Pawlenty thanked the vets, their families, those who gave their lives in past and present wars. He talked about freedom and sacrifice. He spoke of heroics performed by current and prior service people. His entire talk was about the honorees of the day: members of the United States Military Branches. One more key point - freedom is one generation removed from loss of freedom. He got a solid, sustained round of applause.

Personally, I hope all were able to attend a ceremony or at least set aside some time to honor our military. Truly, it is the best ever in every measure: intelligence, talent, skill, empathy, humanitarian behavior. We are one of the very few nations that understand why it is important to fight for freedom. Along with the Brits, Aussies and Canadians (though less as of late), we realize that free societies do more for more people than any other form of governmental structure devised.

Thank you, US soldiers!