Sunday, May 06, 2007

Back from 'Da Lake 

Our friends have a very nice, small, lake home/cabin in Wisconsin. And every once in a while, driving "up nort to da lake" is just what the doctor ordered.

I left Friday, returned today. The weather was lousy - rain, almost cold, windy, no outside time but it was still wonderful. The red-headed woodpecker flew from tree to tree looking for his meal. The loons crooned for over an hour this morning. It's amazing how sound carries in a wilderness. Then the eagles, over five years old. They moved their nest from the island at the north end of the lake to a spot at the south end. We observed them fly past the house many times. They are so powerful - one swoop of their magnificent wings propels them unbelievably far. Watching them soar provides an awe-inspiring reminder of the beauty and power of nature.