Friday, May 11, 2007

Airline Manners 

Yesterday my husband and I flew to Los Angeles to attend our daughter's graduation tomorrow, Saturday. As a former business traveler, I've spent my share of time in airplanes. It is also understandable that today's flights more often than not are full. However, there are a few basics that one would think people have learned.

First, it has always amazed me that people must stand the second the plane gets to the gate. Now, how many of us are going to go anywhere in the first few minutes of deboarding? But, look around - from the front of the plane to the rear the vast majority jump out of their seats and vie for space in the aisle to get their gear from the overhead racks. It is a comical scene to watch. And, heaven help you if you have an aisle seat and just sit....

Yesterday, a second discourtesy manifested itself. I have no (well not too much ofa) problem with people who choose or need to save time avoiding the trip to the baggage claim area. I have no problem with people traveling with kids and all their paraphanalia (I did this for part of my life though we didn't have all the accoutrements parents seem to require these days). But I do have a problem when the kids are sent down the aisle but mom or dad block the aisle to gather all their kid's gear. No one behind them can exit the plane and some seem oblivious to their impact on others. It would be nice if they'd just let others pass, gather their stuff, then
when organized, leave the plane. Yesterday's adult was totally unaware of the frustration building up because of her behavior - the flight attendants had to come back, grab herstuff and politely encourage her to "move it."

For the record, we often wait until the plane is empty.