Monday, April 02, 2007

"Subvert the dominant paradigm" 

There's a bumpersticker with that slogan on a colleague's office door. It seems to be the attitude of a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin at Lacrosse who thinks his job is to counter right wing ideology. When a student had the temerity to suggest that a management course that discussed immigration issues might need some balance -- and offered some links to alternative viewpoints -- the professor responded:
I get really tired of right wing stuff. Surely you get enough of it. Do you ask for additional readings in your right wing classes. Obviously not. I resent your insulting assumption that you have the right to teach my class or that students are not familiar with right wing racist crap on immigration. Of course they are. My course is not being taught to reinforce right wing ideology. Don't you get enough of this in other classes, or do you need EVERY class to be consistent with extremist views.
He believes his job is to be the antidote for the "right wing racist crap on immigration" that students "of course" "are familiar with" from their other classes. It is not only demeaning to students but also to his unnamed colleagues.

This from the chair of UWLAX's "Complaints, Grievances, Appeals & Academic Freedom Committee."

Professor Betton, if you'd like to respond to my opinion that this email was unprofessional and undignified (I don't know what ethics require of management professors, but a few read here and will respond if response is needed), the floor in the comments section is yours. Forgive me if I don't wait around for your response.