Thursday, April 19, 2007

Personally Responsible 

The term paper for my class, Management Information Systems (MIS) is somewhat unique. The student must evaluate a software application installed within the last five years. There are 18 potential subtopics of which the student must select 10-12 to have the paper considered for an "A", less for a "B", "C", etc. The student must also interview four stakeholders, one of whom can be the student.

In addition, the paper is to be written in third person, past tense along with additional grammar requirements. Some students have difficulties with these conditions but most manage to get there.

Papers were due last week, returned last night. One student sent an email today wondering why her paper was a "B" when she had done all this work. I checked my notes and discovered she'd only considered eight subtopics, hence an "A" was impossible. I reviewed the requirements, the page in the syllabus where the specifics were defined, etc.

Shocking response from her - instead of whining, moaning, and complaining, she simply said, "Oh, my gosh.. it's completely my fault."

Wonder how many protected students in today's grade-inflated college environment would have the maturity to admit they simply blew it???