Thursday, April 05, 2007

MSM Filtering, again - Iraqis are Better - Just ask them! 

Not that you will find this information on the nightly news. This is just another example of how the main stream media (MSM) wants to prevent Americans from learning the big picture. Over 5000 Iraqis were surveyed in a poll conducted by ABC, USA Today, BBC and a German TV station - 49% positive, 26% negative. Now what may account for the negativity? Could it be the bias in the MSM that continues to hammer on only the problems?

Here's some numbers in perspective - American deaths historically:
Civil War - > 600,000 north and south; adjusted for population growth, that number would be 6,000,000 today
WWI - > 100,000 - again a smaller population
WWII - > 400,000; adjusted for population growth, would have been 800,000 today
Viet Nam - > 50,000

Now, I regret the loss of every single life given so the rest of us can be free. What is extremely frustrating, though, is the total lack of knowledge by today's youth regarding sacrifices made in the past. In addition, the inability to put today's sacrifices in context with the sacrifices our ancestors made bodes poorly for the future. The current, blame the Americans for everything mantra, ignores the tremendous scarifices made by Americans for others and puts liberty for the planet at risk.

Remember, if the Union Army had stayed in the south the Jim Crow laws may never have been passed and former slaves would have gotten the land they were promised. The Union Army left, discrimination took over. If Hitler had been stopped in the 1930's, who knows how many of the 30,000,000+ deaths would have been avoided. We're in Japan 40+ years after their surrender; we're in Germany, 40+ years after their defeat.

There is a reason to stay! Besides, your kids may thank you some day.