Friday, April 06, 2007

Mrs. Scholar writes again 

This month's offering is about the presence of a substantial Somali community in St. Cloud, motivated by a comment someone made about the lack of ethnic restaurants. She's utterly in love with that restaurant now -- she'd be a lousy food critic, because she likes anything that's new -- but mostly because the people who run the place are marvelous and because she learned a great deal about the country in the process.

One of the commenters notes that we have a disproportionate amount of Somalis in St. Cloud, but immigration patterns are almost always clustering in nature.I was hoping Mrs. S would get more of an answer to why the Somalis chose St. Cloud, but the best we can learn is that families called other families and said this was a nice place. Most of the Armenians in California relate the area's climate and geography to be similar to their homeland. That's not true of St. Cloud and Somalia.