Saturday, April 21, 2007

Meet a REAL American Hero - Neil Duncan 

This afternoon I had the honor of attending a benefit for a real American hero, Neil Duncan. The Osseo American Legion Post was packed with those wishing Neil well and willing to help him as he comes back to civilian life. The benefit ran from 2:00 until 6:00 PM. The gentleman staffing the door stopped counting at 500 attendees - around 3:00 PM.

Who came? People of all ages: kids, grandparents, and everywhere in between. Patriot Riders were there in force. The food was great. There were many silent auction items as well as gift cards, There were t-shirts that recognized what Neil did and gave for his country and our beliefs.

Neil was injured in an IED explosion in Iraq. He spent the past year learning to walk and run again. He plans to play golf. This young man is everything an American hero is: strong, persistent, honest, hard-working, capable of making decisions under stress and true, red, white and blue. His attitude is upbeat, no victim thoughts here. He understands why we are fighting those who wish to destroy us; he understands the prices some will pay. We owe it to the Neils of this time to be there when they need us.

To learn more about Neil, go to this website. If you were unable to attend, you also can make a contribution.

God bless the Neils of this generation - they are our best!