Friday, April 27, 2007

First and Final Word 

The Strommer is on his back in hospital, and the Taxpayers League has called up the minor leaguer. The great thing about Taxpayers League Live is that the TPL staff gets great guests. This will be no different. I get to interview state representative Kurt Zellers from Maple Grove, a Republican likely shellshocked from his treatment to the marauding band on the House Tax Committee. He'll be on after 9:15. Then it is my honor to interview not one but two U.S. representatives, John Kline and Michele Bachmann after 10am.

If you miss that, you get the usual dosage of the Final Word at 3pm. (The interregnum of John, Chad and Brian at 11am, and Mitch and Ed at 1pm, will allow me respite to get my NFL draft fix and a chance to watch Ed burn his Brady Quinn ND jersey after he miraculously becomes a Detroit Lion.) Michael probably has all there is to know about the Swanson Mutiny, and I got a thing or two about this smoking ban thingy that I need to get off my chest.

Four hours? Heck, I eat four hours for breakfast.

Be sure to listen in at AM1280 the Patriot (also online.) And if you miss all that, archives for NARN and TPL are available.