Friday, March 16, 2007

Washington, DC 

As readers of this post know, I'm in Washington, D.C. to support Vietnam vets protecting their memorial on Saturday, March 17.

It has been a number of years since I have been here. I'd forgotten how beautiful and special our nation's capital is. One flies in from the northwest, along the Potomac River to land at Washington National (Reagan) Airport. Looking out the window, one views the monuments and memorials: the National Cathedral, Georgetown, Watergate, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Lincoln, Reflecting Pool, Jeffferson, Korean Veterans, the Whitehouse, Washingon and the Capitol, Smithsonian and others. DC bulding codes prohibit erecting any building taller than the US Capitol.

Saturday's demonstration will include the usual group of media savvy demonstrators. However, there is the second demonstration of Vietnam Veterans and patriots who are in town to continue to stand for freedom in the world. I will be with the latter group.

It is so easy to criticize and be a pacifist when one is free. It is impossible to criticize or be a pacifist when one is under the thumb of a totalitarian leader of any sort. This weekend, for once, those who make a career of degrading our great nation will see those who understand what we have, what is at stake.

Flying into DC, one is reminded of our great leaders, visionaries, people who made the "tough calls", who faced adversity and incredible criticism. For all their struggles and pain, they pursued and freedom won because they believed in the ideals of the US and the basic decency of most humans. Previous generations fought and died to preserve these freedoms too many today take for granted. Our memorials are reminders of their sacrifice, the greatest sacrifice.