Monday, March 05, 2007

This is why we need sex ed in kindergarten 

Good-quality snow makes some people want to make a snowman. Others play snow sports. But for one 33-year-old Lake Delton man, the fine powder seemed like a reasonable excuse to run naked through it.

The man was cited for disorderly conduct today after a neighbor at the Woodland Park Apartment complex reported him cavorting nude.

The neighbor was with her two children and a friend's child, all of whom saw the bare display.

...The neighbor told police she wanted the man jailed, but the officer said he could only charge the man with disorderly conduct because there was no intent to hurt the children.
Source. Hat tip: My producer who NEEDS HIS OWN BLOG!!!
Children are sexual beings from the time they are born, Chris!!!

When 5 year old Janie asks her Kindergarten teacher �Why does Johhny have a dangly thingie and I don�t?� That is when children begin their Sexuality Education. Parents unable to give an answer in ways a child can understand or educate them, then someone else has to step in.
Kathy, commenter at MDE, discussing HF 615. Emphasis added. I still think HF 615 is the sillier bill, but it lost to the Restroom Access Act.

As to that act, I will leave most of it to Michael, but I must share a song in honor of its victory and praise for the wonderful people that help the afflicted.