Friday, March 23, 2007

Some incentive 

Apparently MnSCU doesn't believe in performance pay. The contract of our new president Earl Potter has been published by the St. Cloud Times. His base salary of $220,000 is the headline of the newspaper today. Of interest is clause 8(E):
E. Performance Incentive
The president shall receive an annual payment based on performance at the completion of each year of this Agreement, if the President meets or exceeds the performance expectations determined by the Chancellor. The Chancellor shall make a determination by August 31st of each year for the prior fiscal year. If the Chancellor does not make a determination prior to August 31st, the performance incentive shall be deemed to be awarded and the payment shall be made. A performance payment under this paragraph shall be made within two (2) months after the determination by the Chancellor, or by October 31st, whichever is earlier. The amount of the payment shall be two thousand dollars ($2,000).
Wow, a guy making 220k, plus housing, car and telephone, can get a bonus of 2k if he "meets or exceeds the performance expectations." That should really incentivize him to perform! And it requires a negative finding by the Chancellor to deny the money, rather than a positive finding to pay. Now THAT'S motivation.

At less money than outgoing president Roy Saigo and about a fourth of Gopher football coach Tim Brewster, one wonders if we were looking for a leader or a bargain. (Tubby Smith at $1.7 million/year is a different matter.)