Friday, March 02, 2007

The Real American Idol - Medal of Honor 

The real Americon idol (WSJ - March 1, 2007) is The Medal of Honor recipient, an award given to military personnel for outstanding service, indeed a rare award. Since its inception in 1863, only 3444 have been bestowed. On February 28, 2007, the latest recipient, Bruce Crandall, was given this award for herioc efforts during the Vietnam War.

Have you heard or read about this? Did you know Lt. Col. Bruce Crandall was honored? If so, where did you discover it? Mainstream media (MSM)? No way. You see, the "vanguard of free press", the MSM, chose to bury this story.

We must remember, a free nation cannot remain free and at peace when its media ignores true valor, bravery, heroism, honor, patriotism, and other honorable traits.

A nation that fails to honor its true heroes, its warriors, risks having no heroes to defend it.