Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iraq - Gee, Who wudda thunk? 

Difficult as it is, the AP digital news release through the Sydney Morning Herald confirms a major capture of key Al-Qaeda operatives in Iraq. Yes, Al-Qaeda has been and is in Iraq.

It is extremely unfortunate the western media has been so anti-coalition and US efforts in Iraq. Who knows, this war may have subsided a couple of years ago if the world had united against the real oppressor.

Other articles indicate Sunnis are tired of the bombings. If they can have enough time, they can make it. We need to remember, it took us 10 years to put a Constitution in place in Japan after WWII, almost as long in Germany. And, we still have troops in both countries. The fact that Europe has lost its belief in anything besides a 35 hour work week and has no defensive force of value is a topic for another day.