Friday, March 09, 2007

Hypocrisy of the Leftist Dems, Again! 

One often quoted reason for banning public smoking is to protect the health of the workers. In MN a statewide smoking ban for restaurants etal is being pushed very hard by the DFL legislators in St. Paul.

Now let's go to Washington DC where smoking is banned - that is, unless your bar or restaurant can get an exception. The National Democratic Club applied to DC for an exception to the smoking ban - they got it. The Capitol Hill Club frequented by the Republicans also applied for an exception to the smoking ban - they were denied.

So if you're in Congress and want to smoke, you must go to the Natl Dem Club. By the way, this Natl Dem Club also is frequented by union bosses who claim they need smoking bans to protect their workers but these same union bosses don't seem to mind lighting up here with their Democratic representatives in Congress. The workers there still have to contend with 2nd hand smoke. In reality, the union bosses and Dems don't care about their workers. They also don't believe their own rhetoric.