Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Foo-foo" coffee for American Soldiers 

One of the humorous events that happened in DC this past weekend was a conversation with a recently returned from Iraq American soldier.

He and his dad, a retired vet, were on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial offering to hold signs for those wishing to go inside the memorial. We gave them ours.

As we left, we talked with them, telling them we both had been shipping packages to soldiers for years. I asked the current soldier (he was not participating in the demonstrations) what they needed. His response caused me to chuckle.

Soldier, "We would like some "foo-foo" coffee."
Me, "What? We thought you got coffee."
Soldier, "We do but it is plain stuff - we would like some other, like Hazelnut, or..."
Me, "Foo-foo, huh?"
Soldier, "Foo-foo."
Me, "Okay, ground or beans?" At this point, who knows what those guys are capable of doing creatively.
Soldier, "Ground preferred. We had a grinder (I did not ask what it was) but others, well they might not be able to grind beans."

Conclusion, foo-foo coffee in the next shipment.