Sunday, March 25, 2007

Feminists and Multiculturalism 


A Moroccan mother of two, who is a German citizen, filed for divorce because her Moroccan husband beat her and threatened to kill her. One would think the legal decision is a no-brainer. Right? Wrong! The female German judge denied the request for divorce because the woman is a Muslim and the Koran says it is OK for a man to beat his wife!

Where are the feminists? Siding with the multiculturalists? Who knows. This is an absurd ruling.

Neither the USA nor any of the European nations are really multicultural - we are multi-ethnic. There's a difference. And, any nation that decides to abandon its own set of laws for someone else's set of laws positions itself for a major meltdown. No society can continue to exist when a subset of its citizenry is exempt from obeying the nation's legal system.

Perhaps the female judge should try to apply her logic, that is German law, in any number of Muslim nations. Just how far would she get?