Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Feminism Reviewed 

Powerlineblog posted an article on the "feminist" vote, "The Sleeping Giant". The story line and comments figure Hillary will win the presidency in 2008 for a number of reasons, including the fact that women will vote for her because she's female.

Having lived (and survived) through the original feminist movement, I've got some hindsight comments. These feminists tended griped about the unfairness of everything and had zero tolerance for women who disagreed with them.

However, there was an underlying economic change that has been totally ignored by academia and the press. Baby-boomers were hitting the marketplace; the economy was expanding; the American workforce was shifting from a blue-collar to a white-collar enviroment. The crossover year was in the mid 1970's. Which type of workforce and job expansion were more receptive to women? White-collar.

As the "feminists" emerged screaming and demanding "fairness" and their "rights" to whatever, some subtle yet powerful patterns evolved.
1) An "anti-male" attitude developed (Beginning with, "I am woman hear me roar...")
2) A substantial portion of these women landed in academia and government where they are "taken care of" (guaranteed pensions from the rest of us, can't be fired, safe, etc.)
3) Many more migrated to non-profits where they were paid to spend other people's money (OPM)

As of today, the "true believer" feminists' belief that men and women are equal in everything has now trumped common sense, honesty and frankly, security. For all their inflamatory rhetoric, they show a lack of insight into human nature. They refuse to acknowledge that men and women are different. Yet Pelosi will be photographed with her grandkids, Hillary talks about a "mom in the Whitehouse", etc.

Back to topic. Recent studies from Berkely and Harvard prove the sexes are different. More about these in later posts. However, to deny these inherent differences is dishonest. The attitude that because they are women, they can solve all problems is just ignorant. This arrogance is no different than the arrogance they attributed to men up until 40 years ago.

And as long as feminists (and others) ontinue to co-opt our institutions of learning, spend careers dispensing government and OPM money on what only they think is important, blame others for problems, look for "big brother" to fix everything, nothing will be solved.

Sorry for such a long post but this one hit a nerve!