Sunday, March 18, 2007

DC Update #2 - Protesters 

Since posting yesterday, I've read and learned more about the protesters.

First - many big names posted by ANSWER never showed. Sure, Cindy Sheehan and Ramsey Clark showed but where were the others? McKinney? Fonda? Pearl? Their names were on various protest websites as speakers. These people, if ever really scheduled, were "no-shows". Hmmmm - are they starting to think MAYBE there is something amiss here? I doubt it but one can dream. However, their absence shows something.

Second -The only soldiers I saw interviewed by the mainstream media (MSM) were those who "supported the demonstrators right to demonstrate" or were questioning the war or were against the war. How about those soldiers who know that we're fighting for freedom? The more nations free, the safer we are.

Third - Most of the "problems" were identified with Vets. Let me tell you, I was there at 8:00 AM, left at 3:00 PM. I stood along that "parade route for over two hours". The handmade signs of the anti-war crowd, along with their verbal and physical language often was foul - you didn't see this on the "news".

Fourth - This is very telling about the naivete and innocence and lack of information of so many protesters. Source: Washington Post, Sunday, March 18, 2007, p. A 12: "One group had come by overnight bus from Iowa..........'We just couldn't take it (the cold) anymore," said Christine Gaunt, 50, a hog farmer from Grinnell, Iowa. Now tell me how long Christine Gaunt will be in the hog business if we lose this war??????

Fifth - Overall, I will not move from my max of 10,000 protesters, many of whom never showed up until noon or later. The Vets had arrived at 7:00 AM and never left until the protesters crossed the bridge to the Pentagon (note, 7-8 hours in very windy, cold weather). By the time the questionable number of protesters got to the Pentagon and heard the speakers, only about 1000 were left. The rest had bailed out, found a subway station and went away.

How reliable is the 10,000+ number if only 1,000 heard Sheehan and Clark speak at the Pentagon? Questionable at best, inflated at worst.

Whom do you want defending you? Lefties who can't handle 30 degrees with wind? or American soldiers who are the best?

No brainer!