Friday, March 16, 2007

24 no more 

No, not the show. Despite Kouba's rants, he and I still both watch faithfully. No, I meant 24 no more at the StarTribune, taking voluntary buyouts. Heard this from a friend in the parking lot yesterday, but also confirmed by Drew Emmer.
Those accepting the buyouts include: Judy Arginteanu, Bill Arthur, Steve Aschburner, Mike Carroll, Bob Franklin, Gretchen Gramenz, Doug Halliday, Jeremy Iggers, Jocelina Joiner, Tom Jones, Jim Landberg, Bob Lutsey, Ron Meador, Richard Parker, Darlene Prois, John Reinan, Pam Schmid, Al Sicherman, David Silk, Derek Simmons, Tom Simon, Dane Smith, Brad Stokman and Margaret Zack.
Dane Smith will be missed. Al Sicherman not so much.

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