Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pick your poison 

I suppose we'll soon find out that the State of Minnesota is taxing Girl Scout cookies because them things are fattening!
As America's child and adult obesity figures rise, National Action Against
Obesity (NAAO), calls for a boycott of the reported $700 million in Girl Scout
Cookies sold annually.

"Girl Scout Cookies are high-calorie, high-sugar, high in saturated fat and
nearly devoid of nutrition. Using young girls as a front to push millions of
cookies onto an already bloated population further exacerbates an alarming
crisis, no matter how cute the uniforms are," said NAAO President MeMe Roth.
"The Girl Scouts sell up to 200 million boxes yearly -- that's about one box for
every overweight American.

Darn, I'm not doing my share. Part of this is that they sell the cookies during Lent, which coincides with Mrs. S's annual kick-sugar-out-of-the-house drive. It's not only Jesus that is resurrected on Easter, my friends, it's the donuts.
"Girl Scouts of the USA have a flawed business model in direct conflict with
their posted mission statement -- 'Girl Scouting builds girls of courage,
confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.' "Profiting off
cookies -- it's the wrong message, the wrong product and the wrong era. Girl
Scouts have an economic, medical and moral imperative to dump junk food as their
$700 million fundraising source. NAAO would like the Girl Scouts to commit to a
5-year plan transitioning away from junk food as the organization's primary
fundraiser," continued Roth.

Forgive me for saying so, MeMe, but if you're selling 200 million units of something annually, you probably don't have a flawed business model. I believe the technical term marketing people use for this is "a winner". Profiting off giving somebody what they want isn't the wrong message for young people. It's exactly the message they should learn, for we all get income by persuading someone else to give it to us. So MeMe, if you want to stop eating the cookies, be my guest. If you want others to stop, I have a department of economics faculty that is always looking for something to dunk in their coffee ever since the no-carbo-nincompoops scared the Krispy Kreme out of town. Drop 'em by, and leave the Girl Scouts alone.

By the way, there's something terribly quaint about a food fascist named MeMe. Have another donut.