Monday, February 19, 2007

Ode to the White Flaggers 

Oh, Hail to thee, the white flag crowd!
You protect your backsides by saying aloud,
"We support our troops - it's their boss we hate,"
While you play politics with our nation's fate.

Most donkeys in Congress (a few elephants, too),
Are playing ostrich in our Capitol zoo.
A question to consider, you political types,
What happens when you hide behind anti-US-military hype?

From my foreign students, it's constantly clear
That we enjoy freedoms missing far and near.
Millions of immigrants come to our shores,
And wanting to come are many millions more.

White flaggers, unlike our military so strong and aware,
You refuse to acknowldege the dangers "out there."

You avoid drumming up any courage or mettle
To address an enemy that has declared that its battle
Is to bury each one of us and all we hold dear,
Because they hate free thought and truth so clear.

They are frightened they'll be caught in the web of their lies
So they blame us and raise their children to murder and die.

Yes, freedom takes time and its concepts need to be taught
This freedom for so many decades our ancdstors fought.

Yet watching you "leaders," one concludes you won't see
The horrific terror your actions unleash on humanity.
By refusing to really support our troops far away,
You risk a more dangerous world day by day.

You blindly deny that your safety depends
On our military being able to achieve its ends.
Instead of honoring the fortitude and strength of our best
You hide your true plan of anti-US-military quest.

So when you white flaggers sleep safely each night
Remember, it's our military that guards you with might.
And if, God forbid, our enemies strike you,
It will be far too late to retract what you do.