Thursday, February 08, 2007

American Ingenuity - Incremental Improvements 

One of the subtle behavior patterns that exists in America is the ability to assess a problem, consider solutions, and implement. Too often we ignore or take for granted this "can do" attitude, especially with the MSM's (mainstream media) constant focus on the negative.

Last night my husband got me a new spray bottle, one of those you use for cleaning, spraying plants, etc. The pump is a version of the standard trigger mechanisms with an attached nozzle that the user aims at a given surface. They work well. One can even adjust the flow of the spray on many bottles. However, there was the frustrating (ok, minimally frustrating) problem of getting into corners or having to spray something upside down. Not anymore.

This spray bottle comes with a patented sprayer that rotates 360 degrees! I've tried it - it works up, down, sideways. The inability to spray underneath without turning the spray bottle upside down is now a thing of the past.