Friday, February 09, 2007

22 hours to places 

On NARN's Final Word tomorrow, Michael and I will have a list of accomplishments of the DFL Legislature this term.

In the remaining 1:59 we will visit with Congressman Patrick McHenry of North Carolina. Rep. McHenry is known as a young maverick who helped figure out the fishiness of the minimum wage proposal that Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Tim Walz, and others have tried to perpetrate on us. He should be on at 3:30pm.

We'll also visit with Jeff Sypeck, author of Becoming Charlemagne. Jeff is a professor of medieval literature at the University of Maryland and one of those internet friends you make, never meet in real life but feel like you've known forever. (Only my longtime fantasy baseball friends come closer than the chats I've had with readers of this blog.) I'm looking forward to hearing if we can learn anything about our modern international arena from the crowning of the great king of the Franks 1200 years ago. He'll be on at 4:30 CT, listen in.

We'll also figure out why my Bears pick went so horribly wrong. This may include calling on the carpet a different king. And then we'll go back to what we always do -- show you Democrats in their natural setting, doing those things they do. For example, this woman is still seeking work.

Then after the show is over, you will want to wing your way to a fundraiser for our producer Matt Reynolds and his wife, who are adopting this beautiful child from Guatemala and want to raise some money. Here's the place, and here's who you contact to tell 'em you're coming. Mitch and Ed -- who's show is also required listening, 1-3 tomorrow -- have more details.