Wednesday, January 31, 2007


You might have heard that Monday was Milton Friedman Day, and a big event for that day was the premiere of a new PBS television show, The Power of Choice. You'd've thought our local PBS station might carry this important show? Particularly when they have two stations, not one?

Guess again.

A colleague wrote to Twin Cities Liberal Public Television to see when the show would be put on. The response:

Thanks for contacting member supported tpt, we appreciate hearing from you. We do not have an air date yet, but it will run, most likely in April. We will send an email when it comes into our schedule.

Oh, well, that's better. What did they run instead?
On TPT 2
The American Experience
�The Nuremberg Trial.� A gripping study of the groundbreaking prosecution, which began Nov. 20, 1945, as Nazi Germany's leaders were held accountable for war crimes, infamously blamed on �following orders.�

And on TPT 17?
Independent Lens
Roy Westler's film �Shadya� profiles 2003 shotokan-karate world champion Shadya Zoabi, a young Muslim woman living in Israel. Included: how Zoabi balances her karate dreams with societal pressures regarding how Muslim women are expected to live.
Well, you know that stuff was really time critical. Much more important than Friedman. Can't wait to see Shadya 2.