Friday, January 05, 2007

Economics, pizza, and rain 

So far the conference has been marked by unseasonably warm temperatures, a torrential rain last night that took out Doc's umbrella entirely (a Wimbledon souvenir is no match for The Hawk) and one deep dish pizza. Doc has reported on the pizza as a 7/10; I'd give it about the same, but then I consider Pizza Hut barely a 3 (unless you are in a very foreign country and aching to eat something American -- then it's an 11!) and for the locals I make House of Pizza in St. Cloud a 6. What I would add to his review is that the pizza doesn't hold up to temperature change. The first slice was very, very good, but diminishing returns were immediate and swiftly declining. I tried to eat some leftovers this morning, but two bites were all I could manage. Besides, you know how I feel about Dunkin Donuts, and there are two within three minutes walking...

First four interviews of candidates came up with a new question interviewees ask: How do you think I'll fit into your department? "Like Terrell Owens," I thought to answer. Maybe they are asking about the ability to do collaborative research -- if so, ask it that specifically. It sounded like I was being asked how someone would fit in the department's culture, as if a 30-minute interview could determine that.

John is right that the wine was good, so good that he's thinking now about ten dimensions.