Friday, January 19, 2007

Driving up demand for season tickets 

That's my explanation for the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego notsosuperChargers choosing to sell their walk-up playoff tickets only to local buyers. Phil Miller thinks the explanation isn't clear, but consider: I buy season tickets under uncertainty. I do not know if the team will be good or bad; I do not know if it will make the playoffs. I do know that if it does, that ticket has high value to me either as a fan or as a businessowner who now can give a very valuable favor to a customer. That is, it may be in the team's interest to raise the cost of tickets on the secondhand market in order to induce purchase of season tickets. (I know that for some teams there's a waiting list for season tickets -- the length of that list is a discipline device for wavering current season ticketholders to keep paying.)

I don't think it's personal against the Patriots or their fans. Indeed, if I were the Colts front office, I'd subsidize at least one ticket for Tom Brady to improve fan ambience.