Friday, December 01, 2006

You may call me nuts, but... 

...I got to thinking about the Division I concept for SCSU. The university's athletic department throws around numbers on the move as in the area of $4 million (I've never heard more, I used to hear more like $3.5mm. Since they count scholarships in the number I view the actual, marginal opportunity cost figure to be less than that. That'll be a separate post some day.) The biggest reason boosters give for making this move is to increase the visibility of the university. Fair enough, though I ask can we get more visibility than D-I gives for our $4 million, or the same visibility for less?

And then, while reading a story on the New York Mets getting $400 million for naming their new ballpark Citi Field (h/t: Newmark's Door) it hits me. There's a slide show of the ten highest-dollar naming rights deals. Number 6 on the list?

University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. 20 years for $154 million. Not only does UoP not play there, they don't even have a football team. (Funny thing about those for-profit institutions there.)

Now, we have a team in search of a new home. And we have a willingness of our alumni to have increased visitbility for SCSU. And we have a new home that may need a name. So a guy gets to thinking, ...

Zygi, have your people call my people. Let's do lunch, babe.