Wednesday, December 13, 2006

When to flip the switch? 

The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (Prop 2) and its sought-after delay in implementation brings a letter to the University of Michigan's Michigan Daily newspaper:
The University's motion to delay Proposal 2's application to its admissions process until finishing its annual cycle is not only appropriate but is in the very spirit of Proposal 2. By outlawing affirmative action policies, Proposal 2 strives to eliminate double standards. The University and University President Mary Sue Coleman are absolutely correct that evaluating individuals applying for spots in the same incoming class under separate sets of criteria is unfair.

What they have failed to do is see past their rhetoric of diversity to the fact that they have been applying a double standard all along with their affirmative action policies. While it is inappropriate to "flip the switch" mid-year, the change should be made this summer.
I still believe, as I did yesterday, that decisions could have been adjusted to await for the outcome of the vote, since unlike a court decision it came as no real surprise to the universities. Nevertheless, the observation that affirmative action has been a double standard "all along" says exactly what President Coleman needs to hear. (h/t: Discriminations)