Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This sucks 

Let me join the chorus of bloggers discouraged that Leo's checking out.
As of the past month and a half, I have been receiving hatemail and threats from a lefty troll, up to, and including threatening my livelihood. This person portrays himself to be a military ground intelligence officer; but that's all I'll say for now.

As of this point, I am looking into legal action against this person, should he pursue his threats.

I got into blogging because it was fun; I enjoyed being up on things; it was a creative outlet, and I have met some wonderful people.

But when you get someone who lives an otherwise joyless existence, whose only raison d' etre is to make your existence a living hell, the fun is gone, and it's time to hang it up.

I may be back; then again I may not. I guess it just comes down lately to having better things to do with my time.
There are lots of things I can do with my time besides blogging. It nevertheless is what I do because it becomes part of the routine and the readers part of my life, even those who use the comment box to point out my inadequacies (in fact, especially them.)

Nobody threatens me yet. Tenure is a marvelous device for ignoring the jerks in our midst. Idiots can send copies of my posts to the university any time they want. Chances are 1) they have already been read, and 2) the university quite reasonably understands freedom of speech on a private site. And send them to a newspaper, did you? Well, they are a little hard up for letters to the editor. If your letters had any merit, they'd be up already.

Gary asks that Leo remain in SCBA and MOB. I have no control over the latter, though I will be happy to plead his case to those that do. Over the former I do have some authority, and I am in full agreement that the man stays aboard.

As to the troll, I think we have our best man on the case.