Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This is a little premature 

I spent a little time Saturday on the air discussing the Mark Olson situation. Yesterday a number of smaller Minnesota papers ran a story speculating on Mary Kiffmeyer's return to politics. I'll repeat what I said then, and mean no disrespect to Mrs. Kiffmeyer, who I hold in high regard: Rep. Olson deserves his day in court. The hastiness with which he has been shunted aside by Republicans is unseemly and smells of the panic of a party that hasn't figured out how to respond to badly behaved public officials in their own ranks. If Olson does step down or is expelled, then it will be time for us to discuss Kiffmeyer's return.

Larry notes:

if Republicans still held a one-vote majority in the House, as they did for the last two years, how many out there think that they'd still be kicking Olson out of the caucus?

Hands? Anybody?

Why yes, of course!