Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Something to tide you over 

I'm working on something longer about development fees for housing, and fighting off the beginnings of a cold. So more maybe later today, but in the meantime be sure to see these two items elsewhere:
  1. University of North Dakota President Charles Kupchella's letter to the president of Dartmouth, after someone in the latter's athletics department apologized for scheduling to play the former's hockey team which wears the "Fighting Sioux" team name and emblem. (Saw someone wearing the warmup jacket take communion at a Lutheran church in front of me Sunday -- I confess to a slightly larger smile as I received the host.) Dartmouth's president has responded.
  2. A description of lunch between David Horowitz and Michael Berube. I've dined with Horowitz, and I think it quite possible he waved bread at that meal too. So?
Hat tip for both to Phi Beta Cons.