Monday, December 18, 2006

Injustice temporarily delayed is... 

The Grand Forks Herald reports that the trial between the NCAA and the University of North Dakota over the latter's use of the Fighting Sioux logo will not start until Dec. 2007. The temporary injunction allowing the Sioux logo despite the NCAA's ban on Native American mascots will be in place in the meantime.
In a phone conference Friday, attorneys from both sides said the amount of preparatory work for the case would make even the December trial date difficult to manage.

"We don't relish the thought of the injunction staying in place that long," said Wick Corwin, a Fargo-based attorney who is part of the NCAA's legal team. "But a September trial would require very aggressive work."

Peter Billings, an attorney hired by the Attorney General's Office to assist on the case, said his team intends to fly across the country to take depositions from all 20 members of the NCAA Executive Committee.
The judge suggests reworking the logo or nickname. I'd rather watch the NCAA continue to twist slowly in the wind on this ill-advised venture.