Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Great New Christmas Story 

Anyone with sons or daughters in the military understands the desire to be home for the Christmas holidays. Sometimes Mother Nature and humans cooperate, sometimes they don't. As many of us have seen, the recent snowstorms in Denver put a real crimp in people's ability to get home, including some Marines.

A heartwarming story of four marines shows Americans at our best - this time, taking care of our soldiers. The four were hoping to get to Denver, then suburbs to celebrate Christmas with their families. The blizzard grounded all planes, incoming and outgoing. They were comiserating on their bad luck when a stranger approached them. Turned out, Paul, the stranger, said he could rent a car (the Marines were too young to rent one), obtained a Windstar Van and they were on their way. The 23 hour drive encountered some rough storms but the Windstar, Paul, and the Marines all made it to Denver with a couple of days to spare.

In most settings, one would think twice (or even more!) about taking into one's car four unknown young male stangers. But the risk assessment becomes much different when it is young men in American military uniforms. Let's remember this during this season. 'Tis not the case in many parts of the world.

To those who just celebrated Hanukah, I hope it was meaningful. To others, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays - whichever applies.