Monday, December 18, 2006

The Feminists Will Never Quit 

A little background - I was a high-school athlete in a city that had no school sponsored sports for women. I swam on an AAU team sponsored by the YMCA (yes, YMCA). It was a terrific experience.

In 1972, Title IX
gets signed into law and sport options for women explode. I thought it was great. Then along came the "equality" crew. College sports programs had to be "proportionate". Give me a break - I like opportunity but when feminists force "proportionality" in a college with a football team, it makes it difficult to continue support for smaller male dominated sports - like wrestling (which has taken a real hit since "proportionality" has been forced on universities).

As with most laws, the intent of Title IX was not to force proportionality but to provide opportunity. Now the feminists have decided that college female basketball teams should no longer be allowed to practice against guys- because it does not represent "gender equality". Feminists, I have soemthing to say to you, "We are not physically equal, never were, never will be."

My husband and I attend the U of Minnesota women's basketball games. The team is quite good and has had some terrific years. For someone like myself, going to the games is pure joy - as the old commercial said, "You've come a long way, baby." The skill level is so much more than anything I ever considered in high school. It is wonderful seeing the change over the years. And yes, every year the MN women bring the guys they practice against onto the court for a public half-time "thank you."

To young girls, I say, "Go for it." To the feminists, I say, "Shut up. Let them play, improve and enjoy the benefits they have."