Monday, December 04, 2006

Demand for Yankee tickets 

As Mark Yost said while sending this article to me, "another reason to hate the Yankees":
Yankee Stadium's best seats will sell for $150 next season - a $40 hike from last year, the team said yesterday.

Fans, reeling from six years without a World Series win, gave the new prices a resounding Bronx cheer - saying only the millionaire players on the team's $200 million payroll could afford those prices.

"Wow, that's a steep increase," said Joe Bastone, 48, owner of the Yankee Tavern. "It's really getting tough."

The most expensive seats, costing between $115 and $150, are in the first four rows in the areas nearest to home plate and are sold as part of season-ticket plans.

In the unlikely event any of those seats are available for sale for individual games, they would be priced at $300 in advance and $400 on days of games.
Now I find it interesting that on that same page there was (when I clicked, at least) an ad for tickets to A Chorus Line on Broadway. Tickets? $86.25 and $111.25, with premium seats beginning at $201.25 (I think the $1.25 is a service charge.) If you want to go see the Yankees, you could pay a LOT less:
Box seats without waiter service will now cost fans from $35 to $73 when sold as part of full season-ticket plans, $37 to $78 as part of partial season-ticket plans, $40 to $83 when sold for individual games in advance and $42 to $88 on days of games.

Reserved seats run from $17 to $56 for full-season tickets, $18 to $61 for partial season tickets, $19 to $66 for advance purchase for individual games and $20 to $71 on days of games. Bleacher seats are $10 as part of season tickets, $12 when sold separately.

The prices for 44% of the park, more than 24,000 seats in the upper deck and bleachers, will be unchanged for the third straight year.
For my fellow Red Sox fans, compare. Prices were held the same as last year except for the premium seats (more than 80% of tickets saw no change in prices.)

Meanwhile the joys of Minnesota include $36 premium seats last year. The new ballpark will include opportunities to price in the way the Yankees and Red Sox do now.