Monday, November 20, 2006

You had me up to there 

I started reading a humorousstudent newspaper opinion piece about a gym that had called the police on a weightlifter who grunted while lifting. I got to about here...
And this is where I look and think at how incredibly lame and pathetic our country is becoming. I mean, I'm no meat head and I really don't take kindly to your run of the mill, beefy, brainless, cell-tech inhaling, weight lifting swine, but I do have the simple understanding that sometimes, when you're doing something strenuous-like lifting 500 lbs. on your shoulders up and down by bending only your knees, your body will often times let out some heavy breathing and sometimes (God forbid), a grunt.
...and I think heck, this kid isn't all that bad. A little overwrought, but his liberty-loving tendencies are appealing.

But then...
In reality, this rule is in place to take away every last freedom we have. What's next, no sweating in basketball? The police get called if a baby cries in public? I can see this extending to just about anything that will strip us of any basic right.
And I think "whoops! Looks like Andy has just stepped on the slippery slope argument." And then,
If grunting in a gym is so wrong, then why isn't lying to a nation about going to war?
It would be, except that nobody did that.

More than worrying about an anti-grunting rule, I'd worry about a student who thought his job as a columnist was to wonder how he could take any offbeat news story and turn it into a discredited leftist trope.