Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PA Academic Freedom report, now with even more water! 

The Chronicle News blog says the Pennsylvania legislative report ended up not finding any issues with student academic freedom. David Horowitz points out, however, that two universities -- Temple and Penn State --
have now adopted "student-specific" bills of rights (the words "student-specific" were excised from the report by commissar Lynn Herman in a cya operation for the Penn State administration. This is a major victory.and no amount of lying by the AFT and its journalistic shills is going to change that. The two reforms which we achieved at Temple and Penn State made up the original Appendix C of the report. The fact that Lynn Herman deleted them in the report does not change the fact they now exist in the regulations of Temple and Penn.
The Temple policy is here, and this is one page explaining Penn State's. Both indeed were enacted this past summer, after the Penn legislative hearings.